Upper mountain gate access skiing with steeper gradients and a variety of tree densities with minimal hiking.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Access to the Gate 5 traverse begins at the top of the Hanozano Hooded Quad Lift 3.

For skiers this is a short sidestep, most snowboarders take their boards off and walk the first several metres into the gate. After exiting the gate, stay high and to the left.

The traverse contours the main gully, and continues around to the left.

It is possible to drop in anywhere to the right, though the more one traverses at the beginning of their run, the fewer skiers there tend to be.

As one continues around the corner, the slope gets steeper and more difficult to traverse.

This is generally a good place to drop in to the right.

The run starts out rather steep and open.

There are mellow ridges that are playful to make turns on. After about 200 metres, the trees begin to come together and the playful ridges become more defined.

Trying to stay on the ridges usually yields better snow and terrain options, as skiers can choose to drop to the left or the right, depending on where there are fewer tracks, rather than being stuck in the gully.

This is also a safer place to be because it is easier to see hazards from above or below.

This section is very much a rider's choice and one can simply ski where things look good.

There are plenty of playful things to jump off of through this lower section, almost all of them with very clean landings.

The dominant winds tend to fill in this lower section very well, and one can frequently find fresh tracks in the lower section, even if the upper sections near the traverse is scoured. About 200 metres into the trees, the line concludes abruptly at a summer access road.

There is a water drainage trench between the road and the slope that may be exposed into January.

Riders should be wary of this, and approach the road with caution, as it will be firm.

Niseko United Resort grooms the road from time to time to make return access easier, which means the road will not be as soft and fluffy as the rest of their run.

It is not advise to ski below the road, as return access is very difficult.

Once on the road, follow the track to the right.

The road bends through the main drainage of Gate 5 before gently climbing back to the piste.

This is not a particularly difficult hike, but on a deep powder day this hike can get very hot as it is at the bottom of the run, out of the wind and cold.

Once back on the piste, it is a straightforward return to the Hanozano Hooded Quad Lift 1.