Quick ride to the top of Green Mountain, then back down on fun and scenic trails.


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Green Mountain offers some of the best bang-for-your buck riding near Denver.

It’s close enough to the city for quick trips before or after work, and the scenery is top-notch.

It’s a nearly treeless mountain of rolling grassland, with views to the Rocky Mountains and over the urban skyline.

There are many trails and a range of difficulties to choose from.

This loop is ideal for beginners, or for intermediate riders looking for a quick fix.

It climbs to the summit on Green Mountain Trail and descends on Rooney Valley Trail. Rooney Valley is considered intermediate difficulty, but it’s on the easier end of the spectrum for intermediate trails.

If you don’t think you’re ready for it, take an easier version of the loop by passing up the turn for Rooney Valley and continuing down the service road.

Near the bottom of the road, turn left at a signed junction to stay on Green Mountain Trail, and keep following it around the base of the mountain to your starting point. If you do take Rooney Valley, you’ll enjoy steep and fast singletrack, swooping turns, and great views the whole way down.

There are some larger rocks and loose rocks in places, and some sections may be a bit rutted.

Riders who are comfortable on varied terrain won’t have any trouble.

For newer riders, it’s great for building skills. Sources: https://www.lakewood.org/Government/Departments/Community-Resources/Parks-Forestry-and-Open-Space/A-to-Z-Park-Listing/William-F.-Hayden-Park-on-Green-Mountain https://www.mobilemaplets.com/showplace/5644 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq9xNZieRMs