Lap of Monte LApeu


5 - 6









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A circuit of Monte Lapeu The circuit starts and finishes at Colletta (where refreshments are often available from the bar). Easy walking to Oresine on the road (or see Alte Via route), then on the marked walking trail up the valley to the north west of Oresine.

The path here is on ancient stone tracks through abandoned terraces along a picturesque stream. About halfway up to the pass, the marked walking track follows a dirt road to the right, be we don't take than and continue upwards.

There are still some red paint markers for the trail, but route finding is a little difficult for a while.

If you lose the path, just push up hill to the pass. Once you hit the ridge of the pass, you can go for a diversion along the ridge to the summit of Monte Lapeu (1004m), but the last bit is a scratchy scramble. There are two options for the way forward: you can contour follow to the right (there is meant to be a path but I couldn't find one) or fall off the ridge straight down for a bit.

Either route soon connects with the grand route path up to Monte delle Gettine (1182m), which we take down (or up first if you're really keen). The route passes a recently collapse church with great frescoes before you have a choice of following a dirt road down to Nasino or taking the old mule track through the forest.

The mule track is nicer, but there is a fabulous swimming hole under a water fall next to the dirt road. Once at Nasino, you walk through the frazione Casale before you connect with the old path back to Colletta which takes you on an easy level traverse back to your starting point,