A classic mountain bike ride offering views of Bryce Canyon's iconic hoodoos.


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The Thunder Mountain Trail is a classic mountain bike ride that’s been around for decades, yet keeps attracting riders to come back again and again.

Located just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park, this trail provides views of the stunning hoodoos, but on a bike-legal singletrack trail.

There are a few different ways to ride this trail, with both a shuttle and a loop option.

The route mapped here depicts the loop option, but the upper trailhead provides a logical shuttle opportunity.

"The lure of Thunder Mountain Trail is in its undulating and playful hills, the Bryce Canyon-like hoodoos, and otherworldly vistas,” according to [VisitUtah.com](https://www.visitutah.com/things-to-do/mountain-biking/top-mtb-trails/thunder-mountain-bike-trail/).

"As you descend from Coyote Hollow, you’ll bike through a sparse forest of cedar and pine, then climb to open rock.” Several sections of the Thunder Mountain trail roll along exposed dirt ridges, offering stunning photo opportunities.

Once the singletrack turns downhill in earnest, hang on and prepare for a fast, steep descent, with a little chunk mixed in.

The trail difficulty ranks as an upper intermediate descent, with some rough sections, rock gardens, and sections with loose, sliding dirt.

Thunder Mountain is a true classic! If you haven’t ridden it yet, you’d better add it to your list! Sources: https://www.visitutah.com/things-to-do/mountain-biking/top-mtb-trails/thunder-mountain-bike-trail/ http://www.utahmountainbiking.com/trails/thunder.htm