A classic intermediate flow trail that ties the Mt. Bachelor bike park together.









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Lava Flow is one of the original trails in the Mount Bachelor bike park.

This intermediate top-to-bottom trail is jump-focused and keeps a consistent pitch down the grade.

This feature-filled trail is chock full of tabletop jumps and back-to-back berms.

You’ll even find a fantastic wooden wallride in the middle! Due to the loose volcanic moon dust mixed with pumice, the berms tend to acquire a lot of braking bumps and see quite a bit of erosion, even over the course of a season.

In many places, paving stones have been added to combat the erosion.

The combination of pavers and sand could prove tricky for some intermediate riders, as you’ll accelerate quickly on the hard paver surface.

Inevitably, when the pavers end, there’s always a big bomb hole due to the high speeds and continued erosion of the sand. Altogether, Lava Flow provides a solid flow trail run that anchors this bike park, connecting many of the other trails together.

Over the course of your day in the Mt.

Bachelor Bike Park, you’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time on Lava Flow!