Superb black diamond tech trail.









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If the rest of Bend’s trail system is just too boring and isn’t keeping you engaged, come ride Rattlesnake! Rattlesnake is a superb black diamond tech trail that transitions to blue tech down low when it reaches Blade Runner.

While perhaps Rattlesnake wouldn’t get a black diamond rating in Whistler, in most other parts of the world, it’s a solidly mid-range black run that provides a great stepping stone as you work your way up to Rockfall. Rattlesnake starts off with lots of tight berms and loose dirt up top that transitions as you descend into an even techier trail.

In the techier midsection you’ll negotiate plenty of lava rock, root drops, smooth rocks, a paver g-out, and a few small ledge drops.

There are a few ride arounds on the more technical features, allowing you to slowly work your way up. When you reach Blade Runner, the trail becomes much smoother and faster, with bigger berms and a few cool paver sender jumps.

Alternatively, after ending Blade Runner, you could hit a few other trails lower down the mountain, like Hanger and Big Wood.