Mt. Bachelor's signature double black diamond tech trail.









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If the rest of Bend’s trail system is just too boring and isn’t keeping you engaged, come ride Rockfall! Rockfall is Mount Bachelor’s signature double black diamond tech trail.

From the chairlift, this trail might not look like much… but when you drop in, its get *real*, real fast! On Rockfall, you’ll be challenged by rock rolls; mandatory drops; razor-sharp lava rock; tight, loose, steep sections through the trees; and so much more.

The rock features on Rockfall can be absolutely brutal.

The narrow trail tread and steep grades require full commitment, and a small bobble could result in flesh torn from bone by the cheese grater rock surface.

The loose volcanic silt that passes for soil only compounds the difficulty.

You might find yourself drifting through a corner, out of control, funneled straight into a ledge drop that ends in a a blown-out catch berm. Once in the trees, moste of the sharp rocks disappear, but in their place, the trail grade gets, if anything, even steeper.

Dry, loose dirt over slick roots and log drops demand a tactician’s strategy combined with a dare devil’s balls. Rockfall is the real deal—ride it if you dare.