Stroll through a lively riverside park and downtown Golden to reach the brewery of Coors Banquet beer.


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Clear Creek is a waterway that drains the Rocky Mountains, running year round with crisp snowmelt from peaks along the Continental Divide.

It flows through Golden, Colorado then to its confluence with the South Platte River in downtown Denver.

In Golden, some of its water is used by MillerCoors company in the making of Coors Banquet beer.

This nationally popular beverage is famously brewed at this single location and nowhere else.

They offer [free brewery tours]( daily, and the greenway along Clear Creek makes it easy to combine a tour with a leisurely stroll through downtown Golden along the water. Aside from the brewery, Golden and Clear Creek together are a spirited hub of activity, especially in the summer.

Walking the trails along the creek, you’ll see families picnicking, children tubing, kayakers practicing in the rapids, and people panning for gold (The town is named ‘Golden’ for a reason).

Come prepared with a picnic lunch, swimsuit, or gold pan if you want to join in. The walking route mapped here travels from Lions Park to the parking lot where brewery tours begin.

Alternatively, you can begin farther away in Grant Terry Park or the RV campground, or begin closer, from the whitewater park or elsewhere in downtown.

Parking is limited at all locations, so be prepared to park wherever you find a spot and walk from there.

Public transportation from Denver is available as well.