Long Line with 3 Cruxes Through Cliff Bands


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The 3rd Pinnacle is one of the more challenging ones to get through.

It has 3 pinches above medium to small cliffs that you have to either drop or skirt around to the South.

It's not as straightforward as one would like getting through these zones, as they have lots of trees and rocks.

If you are up for an adventure and the stability is good, then give her a go.

From the South side of Argentina Bowl, head South along the ridge to the 2nd large, open bowl, about a third of a mile.

Shred the open powder for about 500 feet, then head skier's right as you start to see it roll over.

Grovel your way through the trees and ski fall line for another 100 feet to the next cliff.

This one is smaller, and you might want to hit it.

If not, then head right into the trees again.

Fall line for another 150 feet and through the rock walls and you'll come to the last one.

This one is easy to go almost to the edge and take a right over a small shelf and into the open gut below.

Ski down to the Bridger return track and hike back.