Day 4 of the Western Oberland Traverse, running from Wildstrubel Hut to Lammeren Hut.


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This is a satisfying day taking in the summits of the Weisshorn and the Wildstrubel, crossing a huge glacial plateau, and a long gentle descent to the hut. Start with a short skin up behind the hut to the summit of the Weisshorn at 2948m.

There are all sorts of military installations near the summit, which slightly detracts from its beauty, but the panorama to the east of the Plaine Morte is impressive, to the far side of which your next summit is visible. Descend to the east on relatively easy, open slopes, keeping your height to the left to get you as far as you can across the huge expanse of flat glacier, aiming for the southwest ridge that descends from the summit of your next peak.

Follow the ridge past spot height 2910m.

This is over 30 degrees in places so may require portage if conditions are poor.

Eventaully, you'll reach the fantastic summit of the Wildstrubel at 3247m.

The Wildstrubel summit is really a very long ridge connecting several summits that are all about the same height.

If you have the time and inclination you can do the complete traverse there and back.

Alternatively, you can descend straight to the hut from the first summit you reach.

Head northeast from the summit, aiming for an east-facing slope that lies immediately under the rocks near Pt.


This is a relatively gentle descent, which then heads southeast, then south, before contouring around and under a band of rocks to take you to the Lammeren Hut at 2501m.