Technical line with optional cliff.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The blue slope "Rebeco's" from the top of both Gondola's will give access to this line with two ways are available- either easy and relaxed or taking some speed for a nice cliff.

Go straight and pass the storage area where you can see some snow cannons and an unused chairlift.

The entrance is often full of stones, once line is done, this is giving you access to the blue slope "El rio" into the lower section and going back to the bottom of the ski resort. Instead carrying into the blue slope "El rio", turn left before the snow cannons storage.

30 meters after the storage, try to stay higher than this gondola's.

During your run you will have the Gondola's on your right, remember that we need to cross a ridge again.

If you are getting to low into this line you will go back to the Gondola's line middle section cliff.

Once the cliff jumped or crossed you can go further into a virgin area, remember to stay high as this will help you to make the line longer before you finish into the flat part of the blue slope "El rio". As soon as the cliff section is passed the line is losing some steepness and getting less dangerous, however risk of avalanches and rock injuries present.