A long and really nice line well protected from the sun.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Easy entrance run after 10-15 minutes walk from the top of the Chairlift Montebajo.

No skins needed it's more like a gentle walk where everything is quite well groomed.

The entrance is at the top of the small peak close the fence, and this will be the steepest part.

Most of the time there is no sun in this area so snow should be well protected if it hasn't been too warm, meaning fresh powder can be found often.

The first part can be gentle or technical if speed wanted, small rocks are everywhere and perfect for some small jumps all around the face.

The middle is mostly the same, with less steepness but still some rocks, the end of the line is pretty straight forward and joins the blue run El Rio, which brings you back to the bottom of the ski resort with all the access.

Remember the area is steep at the beginning and most of the time some heavy snow fall will bring some unstable situation on this face as we are above 2700 meters and wind can cause slab danger.