A classic run from the summit of Nito that keeps riders high and close to the summit for more laps.









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This is a fantastic W facing run that brings you from the summit of Nito back to the the upper section of Route 66 that is closed in the winter.

It is perfect for taking multiple laps off the summit of Nito on longer days when snow is staying good to the W.

It has a steep and exciting entrance with several cliffs at the top of the run, and small stumps and features to jump off down low as the run levels off. To get to this run, it is recommended to follow the Nito Ascent W route, as this will put you on the same aspect you will be skiing, for a better assessment of the snow.

Remember to check the local Nadare Forecast (linked below) before heading into the backcountry. From the summit of Nito, follow the ridge towards the lower summit to the N, about 100 metres away.

Depending on snow conditions, it may be easier to traverse on skins over to this second summit rather than start from the summit of Nito.

There is a summer hiking trail from this north summit, sometimes visibly marked by wooden signs early in the season before they become buried.

From this point, the descent will be clear, to the W or SW depending on where looks more desirable. The top section has three main shots, all denoted by rocky outcrops near the top.

If snow is good, these rocks are possible to jump off regardless of snow conditions, but they can be quite exhilarating to ski around and through.

The run remains clean below the main rock formations, and opens up later in the season as things fill in.

Generally speaking, the riders left hand of the three shots is the most open.

As the run begins to level off, more trees and bushes become buried and form hits and features to jump off.

Keep your speed up near the bottom to make it back to the road. Once on the road, descent to the riders left, back towards the car, and put skins back on when you reach your skin track from the way up to go get more! http://niseko.nadare.info/