A classic run from the summit of Nito that keeps riders high and close enough to the summit for more laps.









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This is a fantastic NW facing run that brings you from the summit of Nito back to the the upper section of Route 66 that is closed in the winter.

It is perfect for taking multiple laps off the summit of Nito on longer days when snow is staying good to the W.

It has an expansive, open beginning, and closely spaced, NW facing trees after the bench that hold good snow days after a storm. To get to this run, it is recommended to follow the Nito Ascent W route, as this will put you on the same aspect you will be skiing, for a better assessment of the snow.

Remember to check the local Nadare Forecast (linked below) before heading into the backcountry. From the summit of Nito, drop in to the open bowl to the W, back towards the way you presumably skinned up.

You may cross your skin track, which is fine.

Ride this terrain to the bench about 100 metres below the summit, where the trees begin to come together.

This is a good spot to pause and keep your group together if you want.

If possible, attempt to ski towards the nose, to the riders left, as this will lengthen your run.

If you cannot make it there, the skiing is good everywhere below the bench. The terrain funnels towards the main gully off of Nito and its sub-peak to the N, and may push you in that direction accordingly if you are not on the nose at the bench.

Enjoy your ride through the varyingly spaced trees for another 100 metres or so until the terrain begins to level off.

At this point make for the road as that will be an easy way to get your bearings and return to your skin track to hike back up for more skiing. http://niseko.nadare.info/