A great storm day touring zone with pleasantly spaced trees and sheltered spots for transitions.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a fun and classic W facing run on storm days.

It brings you from about 100 metres below the summit of Nito back down to Route 66 close to your skin track, so taking multiple laps is very feasible.

To get to this run, it is recommended to follow the Nito Ascent W route.

Follow this to the bench where the trees begin to thin.

If weather allows it is possible to ski this run from the top of Nito.

Remember to check the local Nadare Forecast (linked below) before heading into the backcountry.

From the bench, access is very simple: drop in to the tree filled bowl you skinned back up.

The run is about 150 metres, and ends gradually at the road.

One can explore to the riders left by skiing along the bench before dropping in.

There are several small terrain features that make up several different bowls in this zone, all are west/south-west facing. Be wary there is one significant creek that follows the road.

You will have walked by this creek when bypassing the switchback in the road before the bridge, so it will not be an unfamiliar obstacle.

In December, this creek is still exposed but by January it is usually filled in and is simply a deep concavity. A nice linkup involves skiing this zone and taking the Nito SW, Nose run as a return to the trailhead. http://niseko.nadare.info/