The most direct of the three options to ascend Nito.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Though a bit more difficult than Nito Ascent W, this is an easier ascent route than Nito Ascent S.

Despite getting steep and sometimes into tight trees towards the top, this is a popular route up Nito as well, and it is likely one will be able to follow an old skin track up this route.

From the trailhead, follow the road as it follows a gentle bend to the walker's left, W.

You will pass by a blue road sign that, depending on snow coverage, will be well above head height, or nearly buried.

Keep in mind this is a sign over the road, as it is a good indicator of how much snow is covering hazards such as creeks and holes.

After passing the sign, turn off to the right into the woods and begin to switchback up the slope.

It is possible the track will break off the road before the sign.

This skin track changes locations depending on snow conditions, coverage, and the trail breakers preference.

Generally speaking, this skin track winds through the woods and uphill using the ridge line that extends dead S as the right handrail. Generally speaking this is not the preferred route of many guided groups as it is steeper and more demanding to climb than the W face of Nito.

The trees are tighter, and due to its S facing nature, the bamboo is more persistent on this slope.

Attempting to climb this route before there is sufficient coverage is not recommended, and can lead to some rather annoying bushwhacking. After skinning through the trees for approximately 150 metres of vertical, the slope will bench out, though the trees generally remain relatively tight through here.

Traverse to the W so you don't have to ski over your skin track on the way down, and enjoy your run.

Since you will be skinning up through the terrain and snow you will be skiing on, an assessment of conditions should be relatively straightforward. Remember to note the water bar just before the road.

It takes a lot of snow to fill in, and skiing into this feature at full speed could be as bad as a season ending fall.