This is the steepest line in the Sierra Nevada and the most technical. Expert skiers only.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the red slope Olimpica, keep your speed as much speed possible to join the black slope Tajos de la virgin.

Please note this slope is closed most of the time so as soon as you leave the red slope you are already in the backcountry.

Stay as high as you can instead of cutting into the first gully.

Remember we are on some steep terrain (45/50 degrees) so this quite technical.

As we are around 3100 meters ithere is usually plenty of snow but small rocks can be here as well.

Note this part is sunny, which means that snow can be slushy or icy.

Head to the right for 100 meters- a direct straight line is needed.

Unless powderyu or spring snow I will not recommend it.

An ice axe could be useful.

The entrance is on the right after the 100 meters section and is technical.

Once you are into the gully you are safer.

Ability is the key word as a mistake here will mean a long fall.

Once done, this part, the best is to keep high as the cliff will be like 10 meters from the bottom of the gully.

Then down to the bottom of the cliff is nice before joining the lower part of the red slopes "Olimpica", giving you a long way back to the laguna's chairlift where the cliff is an option.