A wonderful and wild journey through the otherworldly terrain of southern Iceland.



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Starting in Landmannalaugar, home of the famous geothermal hot springs and sitting on the edge of the Laugahraun lava field, this 50 mile hike (including the highly recommended extension at the end) takes you through a scarcely believable array of scenery.

Iceland is known for its unique landscapes and over the course of 3 - 5 days (take your time and enjoy it over 5 if you can) you will experience the very best of these.

Before starting though, it is recommended to spend a day or 2 in Landmannalaugar because it is a stunning place and is home to some wonderful day hikes, not to mention some lovely hot springs.

Once you're ready to hike, start heading south and keep going! There are good huts en route so you can get away with a relatively light pack, which makes the trekking all the more enjoyable.

Most of the huts along the Laugavegur Trek are 6500kr (US$54) per night and while this may initially seem expensive for a non-catered hut, bear in mind that the huts are fully equipped with kitchen utensils, lighters, tables and benches, and well maintained toilets.

Some even offer hot showers (5 minutes for 500kr/US$4) and generally you can camp outside a hut for 1200kr ($10 US) per night, plus 500kr ($4) to use the hut kitchen.

Most hikers choose to use the huts throughout their trek, thereby avoiding having to carry tents and sleeping/cooking equipment.

The huts are quite large (capacity for 35 - 70 people) but it still advised to book them in advance, which can be done at https://www.fi.is/en.

In between the huts the hiking is on generally clear trails and there are wooden marker signs at the key junctions to keep you on the correct path.

The scenery is mind blowing, with colourful rhyolite mountains, bright mosses and grasses, huge rivers, wide open plains and huge glacial expanses.

The hike officially ends at Þórsmörk (Thorsmork) but if you have time, stay a day or 2 there, do some day hikes (which are excellent) and then carry on south to Skogar.

This is a 10 hour walk but can be split at the Eystrihattur Hut.

This section is one of the most hiked trails in Iceland and finishes at Skogarfoss - a spectacular and justly famous waterfall next to Iceland's Highway 1.

Upon reaching the road, head back to Reykjavik and enjoy the pleasures of a shower and a good meal.