A long exposed traverse to access some steep terrain









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is an extension of the line which starts as "Tajo de la virgen cliff".

From the Laguna's chairlift, take the red slope Olimpica - this slope is pretty flat at the beginning and a bit narrow.

The best approach is to take as much speed possible to join the black slope Tajo de la virgin.

Please note that this slope is closed most of the time so as soon as you leave the red slopes you are already in the backcountry.

Stay as high as you can - most of the time the track will already be in.

This is the only easy way to access this line.

You can clearly see where there is a nice gully, we still need to carry on as high as possible above it.

Once the gully area is passed there is a little ridge.

We must continue the traverse to get access to the Laguna's area beyond this ridge - this is a hike of about 10 minutes.

Bear in mind you are traversing a really steep section, between 45 to 50 degrees so take particular care.

Continues traversing for about 25 minutes to 45 minutes to get access to the ridge on the little plateau which will give you access to the Cliff or Direct Cliff lines, marked separately.

Both lines will end at the red slope "catujo's" giving you back access to the 4 seater express chairlift.