A very steep line on a fantastic peak in the heart of Skjomen


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From your car, head up a steep tractor track.

As you cross the river, stay left (south, do not follow the marks on the trees leading north-west) and continue up gentle slopes towards Vesterkarelva.

The power line is visible to your right.

At about 600 metres the slope angle decreases as you enter the open area of Vesterkarelva, with the north face of Meraftestinden to your left.

At around 780 metres, below the col, a short section reaches 35 degrees - be mindful about avalanche conditions.

Work your way up the right side of the slope until you reach the col.

From there head up the slopes on the backside of the ridge.

Stay clear of the cornices on the left (north-west side) of the ridge, particularly near the summit! Descent: From the summit ski carefully down a few meters and look for a ramp that provides entry into the face between the cornices.

Be really careful - triggering a cornice and falling here has serious consequences! The first turns on the face are above a cliff, ski towards the left here.

Then follow first 50 degree then sustained 40-45 degree skiing straight down to Vesterkarelva.

The best time for this is probably May/June - beware of the midnight sun.

You want to ski this when it's in the sun, before midnight because once it's in the shade it can be very hard and icy.

Use your own judgement.

From Vesterkarelva ski back to to the parking the way you came up.

Note: There is only cell phone reception on the ridge and only with Telenor provider.