Wide open tree skiing that's just a bit farther than the first turn









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a very straightforward and fun run to ski, with widely spaced trees and several small features.

It requires a bit more walking to get back to the parking lot from, though this means it is less likely to be tracked up by other skiers. From the top of the Glory Boot pack, start as you would access the First Turn, by heading down the west ridge.

Instead of veering left after 100 feet, go approximately 300 feet before taking a left and skiing down.

Similar to the first turn, the farther right you go on this run, the more you will have to walk back to the car.

The terrain here is very similar to the First turn, though because it requires more walking to get back from, it sees fewer skier tracks.

This run is a moderate ski with widely spaced trees and very straightforward, forgiving terrain.

Once on the road, be aware of cars coming from both directions, and try to not interfere with the flow of traffic when crossing the road to get back to the parking lot.