An expansive treeskiing zone that is north-west facing.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a fantastic tree skiing zone full large old pine trees that is ideal for solid skiers that are confident in the trees and have a strong sense of adventure.

They are reasonably spaced, and there are plenty of features throughout the run.

This zone stays cold and in the shade and is a great place to go looking for soft snow if it has been a while since it last snowed.

Be cautious near the bottom, especially in early season as the run can end abruptly at Coal Creek in certain spots. From the summit of Mount Glory, descend the largest ridge heading west.

This starts out similar to several other runs, however it is important to stay on the ridge all the way to the end.

There is one bump on the ridge just before the end, which can easily be skirted to the left or right.

Winds tend to load this section heavily - exercise caution if a cornice has developed.

You will know you have reached the end of the main ridge due to a significant divide, with one heading north-west, and the other heading just south of due west.

Another clue to determine this branch is its elevation, just above 9000 feet, or 1000 feet below the summit of Mount Glory.

Once at the end of this ridge, it is a riders choice where to go.

The north-west ridge of Big Piney can be a pleasant, protected run, and the overall face of Big Piney is quite steep and exciting.

One potential option is to bring skins to make it possible to lap this zone, rather than have the process of hitchhiking and boot packing Mount Glory again.