A moderate skin track that weaves through the forest to the top of Mount Elly









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a popular skin track for skiers and snowboarders and accesses the gladed south side of the road.

It is generally a gentle slope that is easy to navigate and a great way to access some very fun terrain.

One of the best things about this skin track is that you walk by all the potential options for skiing the south side of Teton Pass.

Skiers can drop in at any point when things look tempting, as all routes will eventually lead back to Old Pass Road.

Depending on fitness and conditions, this route generally takes an hour to hike. From the parking lot at the top of Teton Pass, there is an old road heading to the south.

Walk along this as it winds around the backside of Chiver's Ridge to a col with a weather station.

Continue to follow the ridge that extends to the south.

You may weave in and out of the trees to avoid exposure to the open bowl to your left.

There is a small high point on this ridge you will reach before a quick downhill of less than 100 feet into the next col.

From there, keep following the ridge, staying to the right of it.

Olympic Bowl will be on your left. The most popular route selected will bend to the right as the slope levels off and dips into the trees.

After cutting to the right, trend up and to your left to regain the ridge and reach the entrance of Avalanche bowl.

Continue to follow the gentle slope up through the trees until you reach a clearing.

While it is possible to drop in from almost anywhere here, it is recommended to skin towards the west and be sure of what you are on top of before dropping in.

The terrain in The Claw can be quite exciting, though very challenging if unfamiliar with it.