One of the most notable ski descents in the Teton Pass area









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The east face of Taylor Mountain is an long and exhilarating ski.

This route is full of small rocks and features to jump off with plenty of options for advanced riders anywhere along the ridge.

If given the opportunity, this is well worth the effort to hike up. Start at the Coal Creek Parking Lot and follow the south ridge of Taylor Mountain to gain the summit.

From there, drop in anywhere along the summit ridge that extends to the north-east.

There are two noteworthy rock bands, at the very top and about 800 feet from the summit, where the skiers will have obstacles to ski through.

In most snow conditions, these are widely spaced and very manageable.

This route has fewer trees than most on Teton Pass, as it is prone to avalanche regularly.

In addition, the popular Coal Creek exit runs through the slide path of Taylor Mountain.

Be aware of local conditions as you do not want to trigger something that could hit others. The run begins to level off nearly 2000 feet below the summit in the Coal Creek valley.

Simply follow the well traveled track down and out to return to the parking lot.