An easy accessed line but condition dependent, requiring a good technical level.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is one of the lines most quickly tracked after fresh snow.

It is really easy to access with great views.

It is not the steepest line available in this area of the resort, however the SW aspect will makes it really susceptible to warming up and becoming gloopy or potentially dangerous the first afternoon after snowfall.

As soon as you arrive on the top of the Morclan's chairlift head left, then continue straight until you pass the orientation table.

Different ways are possible on this line, the one marked is the safest, but the middle lower section is more avalanche prone.

As you head into the lower section watch out for small snow fences that could easily snag your skis in a lean season, also watching out for bushes and small trees.

The access back to the red slope "la Combe" is down a clearing in the trees.

It is a beautiful line for good level skiers, perfect with some fresh snow, but not late season due to wet snow and a high risk of avalanche.