A famous part of the ski resort for off piste skiing









FATMAP difficulty grade



Our line goes past the famous happy valleys off piste area.

Even if a lot of people go there we are still off piste and our line will be well beyond this area.

We are close to the "Tete du Linga" mountain where a few gullies can bring avalanches down . From the top of the "Cornebois" chairlift we will need to take into the red slope "La Perdrix Blanche" in order to keep some speed to get into our traverse under the ridge section.

This will take us about 20 minutes walking until we will arrive in the higher section where our line starts.

An optional cliff can be taken at the beginning of our run of about 7-10 meters, then we will continue to the right to get to the bottom of the flat area under the "Tete du Linga".

We are aiming to keep as much speed than possible to pass the middle section instead of going down the little gully into the left.

Next hike up to a flat area- this will take about 10-15 minutes, then you will get back to a nice area with trees.

This gives you access back to the blue slope "L’itinéraire" where you will be able to join the bottom of the "Cornebois" chairlift and "Les combes".