An experts only line, requiring quite a significant approach.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Cut out to the right of the red slope "Le Linga".

Keep your speed here, but usually this is already tracked.

Keep going, crossing an awkward ridge, traversing "Leche's" main face to reach the other ridge.

Crossing the second ridge will be even more complicated, as this is into a really awkward exposed part.

Allow 30 mins to cross from one ridge to the next.

Once the second ridge is passed you are at the top of the main line, the most dangerous part is done, however you are still in a steep area where no one can see you.

It is SE facing meaning early sun so watch the timing as it may be icy if you are too early, avalanche prone if you are too late.

There shouldn't be any rocks once beyond the ridge.

At the bottom of the run you will join a wooded part where trees can make the way difficult, however your aim is to join the blue slope "31 - La Tovassière" and getting access back to Morgins village.

This will take 30 minutes of walking minimum before getting back to the piste.