A long day crossing many cols and finishing in Italy



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This is a very long day with a lot of vertical height gain, as well as nearly 40km distance.

You could easily split it at the small and slightly forlorn ski are called Alpe Devero.

Initially you begin your day with a very popular track up in the direction of Monte Leone, which has a short downhill section through a rocky notch.

Beyond here your route takes a rising traverse, to the S of the Monte Leone Hut, crossing the border at the Chaltwasserpass.

This is a very steep couloir, but not for too long, before long and easy slopes take you down the Aurona valley to Alpe Veglia.

This feels very remote, is a collection of summer houses, but no signs of life in the springtime.

Head up to the E between two large summits to the Passo di Valtendra at 2431m.

From here it is a descending traverse then climb to a shoulder known as the Scatta d’Orogna.

This takes you down the long and easy NE facing Buscagna valley to Alpe Devero, where you have your option to split the day.

If you continue you follow the banks of, then onto, the Devero lake, past Pianboglio, heading up to your final col, the Scatta Minoia at 2599m.

All that remains is the easy descent the far side and some poling across your final lake, to the Margaroli Hut.

This is a pretty spot and is well placed for touring, many people using it as the access point for Punta d’Arbola to the W.