One of Park City's most easily-accessible loop rides.


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The proliferation of mountain bike trails in Park City, combined with the ever-increasing trail traffic due to the town’s fame, has led to several directional trails being built and established in the PCMR area.

One of the most-ridden uphill-only climbing trails in the region is the Armstrong Trail, and one half of nearby CMG has been designated as downhill-only.

With these trails’ easy access from downtown, this combination is a logical loop that can serve as a great introduction to the area or a delightful after work ride. Armstrong begins near the base of Park City Mountain Resort and the main parking lot that serves as the de facto trailhead during the summer.

This switchbacked climbing trail twists and turns through the dense forest near the base of the mountain, slowly gaining elevation and working its way up the mountainside.

Since this trail was conceived as a climbing route for mountain bikes, the grades are never too steep to pedal, although you will gain elevation constantly.

This trail receives a ton of traffic, so expect other trail users, and be sure to pass courteously. There are several shorter routes accessible from Armstrong, but for the loop mapped here, pass the major junction with Spiro and pedal all the way up to the Mid Mountain Trail.

The Mid Mountain Trail anchors the Park City trail system, connecting the entire system together via a popular corridor.

The loop mapped here follows Mid Mountain for a couple of miles, before turning left onto CMG. The upper section of CMG is technically a two-way trail, although most people descend it.

The upper section is fast and wide-open, with a few rough rock sections to keep things interesting.

None of the rock features are large or exceedingly technical, but they do provide a little entertainment and a welcome change from Park City's generally-smooth trail tread.

As CMG winds around and down the mountain, beautiful views of Park City will open up below you. The final section of CMG is downhill-only as it twists and turns through the dense forest near the base of the mountain.

After swooping through a series of switchbacks, you’ll suddenly pop back out at the parking lot, asking yourself, “why does it have to be over already?!"