Rejoin the River Tweed and follow it through a valley of verdant pastures between wooded hills.


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This section is relatively short and rather uneventful compared to the previous hilly stages.

It more or less traces the River Tweed on easy paths to Peebles.

Thus, the section can be easily combined with the next, or you may take extra time lounging at a hotel or exploring the Traquair House––a 12th-century hunting lodge with a modern restaurant and brewery. From Traquair, the SNT follows a road and climbs gently before taking to a forest path.

Here the Tweed valley narrows, and you’ll get some nice views from clearings.

After linking a few different tracks along the wooded hillside, you’ll rejoin the road and take it the rest of the way to Cardrona, a village with a coffee shop and a few other amenities. From there, follow the cycle path (a converted railway) over a bridge and through a resort golf course.

Past the course, you’ll see the ruined Horsbrugh Castle nearby.

The cycle path continues along the edge of forestry and fields.

Eventually, a walker's path detours slightly from the cycle path, but they both follow the river until Peebles town centre.

Peebles has all sorts of accommodations, including a holiday park with campsites. Sources: