Superb and varied riding opposite some huge mountains.


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Rides don't get much more scenic or varied than this route, which also enjoys a superb effort:reward ratio - just look at the stats of how little uphill is required for a whole lot of downhill! The trail takes in everything from easy jeep tracks to steep, root-y single trail and rocky, technical terrain. Start out by riding the First cable car to its fourth and final point, which (somewhat confusingly) is called "First".

Head north-northwest out of the cable car station and follow a steep jeep track which climbs quickly to reach the Adi's Skibar, Freie Republik Oberjoch.

Go past this and then ride much more easily down and then briefly up again to the Bachalpsee lake.

The lake is incredibly positioned, and on a calm morning you might be lucky enough to see the famous peaks of the Bernese Oberland reflected in it.

Whether you're looking at the reflections or the peaks themselves, the view is staggering, with the Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Wetterhorn and Eiger all lined up ready to be admired.

You've barely earned a rest at this point but with a view like this, it's hard to resist taking some time to sit and ponder the panorama.

When you do get riding, head east-southeast onto a rocky track and follow this down some technical, burly terrain towards the tree line.

The views are fabulous all the way down but the riding is tough in places, with some large rocky steps and sustained technical terrain. You'll all too soon reach a collection of chalets - keep going and then, upon reaching the tree line, you arrive at the Berggasthaus Wildspitz, which is a great place to grab a coffee and a cake.

Carry on downhill on a combination of jeep tracks and steep, root-y tracks through the forest to the Aellfluh viewpoint.

From here, a fun and easy singletrack traverses back towards the First cable car and then tracks and roads take you back into Grindelwald village.