Short hike with great views of the Tatras


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This is a lovely, relatively easy, short hike to the top of Nosal at 1,206 metres.

It has great views of the Tatra mountain range and is particularly nice to try around late afternoon to enjoy the sun setting from the top.

It takes around 3 hours, allowing for some time to sit at the top and enjoy the views. The hike is best started from nearby Kuźnice, the cable car station to Kasprowy Wierch.

On reaching the cable car, the start of the hike is a short walk to the left past a couple of restaurants.

It is also much easier to tackle the uphill part of this trail from this side and it finishes nearer Zakopane, assuming you will be heading back into town. The hike begins with a gradually increasing uphill before it comes out onto the more exposed ridge of Nosal.

I recommend skipping the main summit point of Nosal and moving slightly further down.

The summit is often rammed full of people and you can get the same view in a much quieter viewpoint just a few metres away. On coming down the other side, the trail comes out in the forest and near a small river which can be followed back into Zakopane via Bulwary Słowackiego.