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Healy Pass is a beautiful run/hike, especially in Larch Season.

It is a fairly gentle trail by Rockies standards.

The road up to Sunshine is the worst bit.

This can be skipped, or you can go up the trail and take the gondola down to avoid the need gravel bashing. Once above Sunshine Village you are in the alpine with spectacular views.

Alpine meadows are not common in the rockies, and this trail follows one of the few sections of open rolling hills.

The trail is busy at first with tourists from Sunshine village, but as you head for Wawa Ridge the crowds thin.

On the ridge between Twin Cairns and Wawa is a sign for Simpson Pass/Egypt Lake.

Follow this up, and then down into the woods.

The trail rounds a cliff face before slowly working upwards past small alpine lakes and thinning trees.

You can head down from here to Healy Creek, or continue just a bit further towards Egypt Lake.

It's worth it go just a bit further as the views are spectacular.

The descent down Healy Pass is gentle for a descent and goes quickly.