This varied trail passes through the hidden Sandy Cove beach with views of Harrison Lake and the Harrison River


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Whilst most of the trail is relatively easy it is steep in sections.

Proper footwear is recommended.

Follow the shoreline trail west from Harrison Hot Springs Resort passing by the hot spring source.

Have a peak at the springs and smell the sulphur! The trail heads steep uphill just beyond the hot springs source.

The first 150m are the most challenging.

Take some time at the first viewpoint to take in the views of the lake.

Continue along the trail and watch your step as there is a steep drop off to your right.

At the T junction head right towards Sandy Cove.

This section of the trail is less maintained and you might encounter some spider webs! The hidden beach of Sandy Cove is stunning and it's well worth stopping for a picnic or break here.

Once you've had a break at the beach continue to the far end of the beach and follow the trail for another 300m to Whippoorwill Point.

From the view point you'll notice the entrance to Harrison River.

Follow the trail around the point and back to the T junction where this time you'll take a right and continue along the trail towards the hot springs.

Be sure to take your time on the steep section at the end of the hike, you can create your own switchbacks to make it less steep.