This double traverse tests your skills on classic new England technical terrain with no miles given away









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There are many trails up Mt Moosilauke.

This particular Double Traverse begins at the Glenn Cliff trailhead, up over Moosilauke (3.9 miles) , and down Beaver Brook trail and then turns around right back up and over (6.8 to summit) .

The trail is along the Appalachian Trail, typically steep and rugged making for some classic New England technical terrain.

The initial climb up the Glenn Cliff trail is a steady and steep climb of 3,200’ elevation gain.

The Beaver Brook Trail is steep with cascading waterfalls and some hand holds to grasp when scrambling.

The total mileage for this double traverse is about 14.44 miles and 6,417 feet of elevation gain.

This double traverse makes for an epic adventure with a double shot of 360 views on top of the summit.

An ice bath in a river is recommended post-run to take care of the quads. Access Glencliff Trailhead This trailhead serves the Glencliff and Hurricane Trail.

The trailhead is on the eastern side of the road just past a sign for the Glencliff trail (Appalachian Trail).