Combine the old and the new on this top-to-bottom Park City shuttle.


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Combine the old with the new on this unique top-to-bottom shuttle route in Park City.

The ride begins from the top of Guardsman Pass.

After winding around Jupiter Peak, pick up the brand-new (at the time of this writing) upper section of the 9k Trail.

This beautifully-constructed singletrack flows through the aspens and into a bowl below Jupiter Peak.

A little climbing is required to get up and over the next ridge, leading to a beautiful, exposed ridgeside singletrack that swoops down to Empire Pass.

From Empire Pass, you can take a variety of descent options down into Park City.

For other variants, check out the [Corvair Shuttle](,-111.5081549,1326.5068778,-69.2412787,28.1923908,2557.3317469,normal), or work your way over to [CMG]( via the [Mid Mountain Trail](,-111.5492693,11809.5906787,-69.2450989,28.1923908,2566.8869211,normal).

That said, the route mapped here depicts an original and little-ridden descent to Park City.

Instead of dropping to the north of Empire Pass, cross the pavement to follow Mid Mountain to the Boulder trail.

This switchbacked descent swings back and forth through the forest, crossing the road once or twice on its way to Prospect Ridge. The route finishes by ripping down the rocky, high-speed Prospect Ridge singletrack.

The trail falls straight down the ridgeline, ripping through rolling rocks and over exposed bedrock on one of the more technical trails in the region.

Prospect Ridge embodies the older end of the equation, and at the bottom, you’ll even pass decrepit cars that were driven out in the woods and abandoned decades ago.

Keep an eye out for the rusting towers from one of Park City’s first-ever ski lifts.