A gorgeous ride far from the crowds.


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If massive views, relatively little effort and non-technical riding sound like your thing, you've found the route for you! The route begins from the top of the Isskogelbahn cable car, which comes up from the quiet little town of Gerlos.

At the top of a cable car is an epic play area for kids, with everything from a pump track to an obstacle course - if you're with children then expect to burn some time exploring before you get on with this trip! Once you do get underway head up a wide jeep track to the Latschenalm, a lovely hut which is packed with skiers in winter but marginally quieter in summer.

Carry on up the jeep track briefly and as you swing around a left hand bend next to a lake a few hundred metres on from the Latschenalm, there's a sudden feeling of entering the high mountains and leaving the tourists behind.

Keep going up the track - which is steep at times - to the foot of the Isskogel's south ridge.

Climbing the Isskogel itself is less than a one hour detour on foot, so either nip up the peak or carry on riding.

Pass under the cables of the Stoanmandl chairlift and then make the steep ascent up to a lake between the top station of that lift and the Teufeltal chair.

The view from the lake is fabulous, and it's the highest point on the ride so enjoy the panorama and the fact that it's all downhill from here on. From the lake descend your ascent route briefly then hang a right and drop into the Riederbach valley.

Ride down to the back of this and then turn left and head down it.

There are a couple of (very easy and shallow) river crossings en route, and after the second one climb up along a jeep track to leave the valley behind.

Zig zag down towards the main Gerlos valley and then swing back into and across the Riederbach valley to reach a road.

Follow this easily to the foot of the Isskogelbahn.