Smile-inducing riding on a natural, rocky trail.


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This line is a perfect antidote to the modern world of smooth, overly curated tracks; it's rough, ready and natural - all of which add up to make it a great ride.

The line is never hard but it's never easy either, and only riders with high skill levels and beefy downhill bikes will consider it a flow trail, despite the name.

For mere mortals it's a rocky, bumpy and thoroughly enjoyable romp down an underrated bike park. The run starts at the very top of the Isskogelbahn cable car and is clearly signposted - it begins at a small wooden bridge immediately south of the lift station.

The first section is pretty straightforward, with a few tight-ish turns and a small wooden roll being the only obstacles.

The second part takes you into the forest, where there are several junctions with other trails, all clearly signposted - just keep following "ISS Flow" signs and you won't go wrong. Like the top section, the second part is rocky and natural feeling with no major obstacles but no pancake-smooth bits either.

Eventually you find yourself deposited on a jeep track - cross this and then make a long traverse rightwards to the final technical part of the run.

Like the 2 parts which preceded it, the third and final technical section is fun and challenging without ever being "hard".

Unlike the other 2 sections it passes through some recently forested areas so there are tree stumps everywhere - bear this in mind when judging your speed....a fall would hurt! The trail deposits you on a road - turn right on it and ride past the Rösslalm restaurant to reach the Dorfbahn lift middle station.

Go past this until you're directly under the lift cables, at which point you can choose to either descend a road back to Gerlos or (highly recommended) head down the ISS Shore trail.