A brilliant and technical journey beneath the Isskogelbahn cables.


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This is a great ride with varied terrain and a wild feeling throughout.

It starts at the Isskogelbahn top station and the first section is shared with the ISS Flow trail which begins at a small wooden bridge immediately south of the lift station.

The first section is pretty straightforward, with a few tight-ish turns and a small wooden roll being the only obstacles.

Upon arriving at a jeep track, the ISS Flow, Natural and Vertical routes go off left but for this line you need to turn right and follow the jeep track down briefly past Seppi's restaurant.

Go behind this and ride about 30 metres to the start of this trail proper. The trail doesn't feature any huge obstacles but there are plenty of optional jumps.

These can all be avoided and you always know there's one coming because they're marked with yellow "exclamation mark" signs.

There are also some northshore features to go with the jumps.

The riding is generally pretty rocky and rough but it's never really tough and - provided you can deal with steep sections - should be doable for good intermediate riders.

On the occasions where the track crosses other routes or a jeep track, it's always well signposted. Eventually the track deposits you on the same road as the ISS Flow, Natural and Vertical routes.

Go right on this and ride past the Rösslalm restaurant to reach the Dorfbahn lift middle station.

Go past this until you're directly under the lift cables, at which point you can choose to either descend a road back to Gerlos or (highly recommended) head down the ISS Shore trail.