One of the most fun runs in the Austrian Alps!


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This line sits below all the other technical routes at Isskogelbahn and is therefore rideable at the end of every descent from the cable car.

No matter how many times you do it in a day, it's always likely to make you smile! The route starts directly beneath the cables of the Dorfbahn lift and is clearly signposted.

Drop left off the road under the lift cables and then, 20 metres later, do a hard right turn to reach the trail proper.

The riding is generally pretty straightforward and not dissimilar to the ISS Flow - expect rocky but neverly overly challenging riding.

The big difference here is that on this line there are many huge northshore (wooden) features and they are epically fun! None are too tricky and they're really well built so even those new to this genre of riding can enjoy them, and those with a bit more experience can challenge themselves too by trying to ride them quickly.

Whatever speed you take them, rattling along the huge wooden ramps is brilliant fun but make sure you don't fall off them - several are high enough off the ground that a fall would be particularly unappetising! The only "problem" with the trail is that it isn't long enough and, sooner than you'd like, you'll find yourself at a small gate which marks the end of the line.

Go through the gate, turn left and then follow a fast and flowy road down to the edge of Gerlos village.

Ride a couple of hundred metres along a flat road back to the lift station.