A satisfying ride up into a barren valley and then a great, rocky descent.


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This is a brilliant trip into a desolate valley, which would - in itself - make it a worthwhile trip.

The addition of a fun descent down some natural-feeling singletrail only adds to the appeal.

The trip starts on the road which links Königsleiten and Wald im Pinzgau.

There is some parking at the start of the route but not that much, so be prepared to park in Königsleiten then put in a little extra effort getting to and from the trip. Leave the road behind and head north-west on a good, smooth jeep track.

The track is easy to travel up and never gets particularly steep so the height gain feels easy enough, and the views are utterly spectacular throughout.

Just when you're finding your rhythm you'll arrive at the Salzachjochhütte, which is a great spot at which to grab a coffee before doing the next part of the ascent. Newly full of caffeine, carry on going up the jeep track as it continues to climb into the upper part of the Salzach valley.

The track crosses the river at the foot of the valley and then climbs up to a remote farm, at which point the hard part of the day is done, and the fun bit is about to begin! Drop into the (signposted) singletrail immediately south of the farm and follow it as it descends along the Salzach valley's eastern slope.

The riding is never difficult, but it's never easy either - the trail has a real natural feel and is rocky throughout, meaning that interest is maintained but there are no significant obstacles.

Sooner than you'd like you'll find yourself making the final steep descent to the Salzachjochhütte.

Grab another coffee and go for another lap down the trail! Alternatively, roll back down the jeep track to your start point.