An easy cruise over the Wildkogel's eponymous summit.


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Starting out at the Speichersee Skiarena Wildkogel lakes and then passing over a famous summit and down to a charming mountain hut, this takes in about as much as any short hike could do. Start the hike by climbing up to the summit of the Wildkogel on a clear but sometimes rocky and steep path.

If you thought the view was good from the start point of the hike, it's even better from the Wildkogel summit! The vista is made even more enjoyable by the knowledge that you've already done one of the 2 climbs that this hike entails. Once you're done soaking it all in head due north off the summit and follow a good path that gently descends a wide ridge.

As the ridge begins to dissipate, follow the path leftwards as it leads you down easily to the Geislhochalm - a great spot to grab some lunch and admire the view over to the rocky Großer Rettenstein peak. From the alm, descend briefly and then make the long-ish but easy climb back up to the gondola station via a jeep track.

Should you leave the alm and feel like you've still got plenty of energy to spare, there are any ways of extending this hike, a good one being to cross the huge bowl (which forms the ski area in winter) between the Wildkogel and the Braunkogel and then to climb the Braunkogel itself.

Whichever option you choose, climbing the Wildkogel is guaranteed to provide views and ambience aplenty!