A famous part of the ski resort for off piste skiing, including a few optional cliffs.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Your line explores the famous happy valley's off piste area.

Even if a lot of people are going there you are still off piste, though steepness is not a big part of this line.

Don't go there in case of bad visibility day as you can get lost quite easily.

The entrance is to the left of "Cornebois" chairlift where you need to follow the red slope "La Perdrix Blanche".

The first section is pretty flat until you arrive at the first cliff- this is optional.

There are actually a few cliffs and different choices are possible- either a small jump or bigger drop.

Next you will then arrive into a small gully that you will take, bringing you down to a lower section close to a big ridge.

The red slope "La Perdrix Blanche" is close to you, but your line will finish after passing into a lower section where you will see a really big ridge.

If you follow the red slope "La Perdrix Blanche" you will get back access to the chairlifts of "Les Combes" or "Cornebois".