A 4.3km loop trail located near Canmore, Alberta, featuring a beautiful lake. Good for all levels, but can get busy in the summer months.


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This popular route takes the easier, gravel Upper Grassi Lakes Trail out and back.

There is the option to take the steeper Grassi Lakes Trail one way to do it as a loop.

The steeper trail has more viewpoints of the town of Canmore along the way.

Note: the steeper trail is often closed during winter due to icy conditions.

Approximately 100m from the trailhead, there is a fork with a sign to show an easier route and the more difficult one.

For this route we follow the easy, wide trail climbing gradually through the dense forest.

Once you reach the top, allow some time to explore and take photos at the stunning lake.

There is also a great viewpoint at the edge of the lake closest to the trail back.

Watch out for falling rocks from climbers on the cliffs around the lakes, it’s better not to get too close.

The trail is in a wildlife corridor so please respect the environment and stay on designated trails at all times.

Bears are often spotted in this area so be bear aware.