A blue jump line off of the Showshed Express Quad that is fun by itself, or as the finale of a longer run off the K-1 Gondola.


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Jump Start is one of the three classic downhill mountain bike trails off of the lower Snowshed Express Quad.

This blue (intermediate) flow trail is loaded with countless tabletops to improve your jumping skills, though all of them are 100% rollable.

It's a great trail to warm up on if you're planning a long day at the park, or the perfect trail to master if you're new to downhill riding and jump lines. After riding the Showshed Lift to the top, look to your right for the start of the trail.

It descends into the ski clearing on the left side of the lift, but quickly winds underneath it and into the woods where the real fun begins! The wide berms, tabletops, and high-speed flow make this one of the local favorites on this side of the park.

If you're looking for a similar experience, consider Step It Up instead.

It doesn't include the same level of jumps as Jump Start, but it has several small steps, plus plenty more roots and rocks than other trails on the lower mountain. For a longer ride, consider heading up the K-1 Gondola to the top of the mountain, then descend either Solitude or The Light to Snake Bite or Off The Top.

Both end near the top of the Snowshed Lift, where you could finish your run on Jump Start before heading into the lodge for some food or drink to refuel.