This is a popular freeride run after a big dump because it is easy accessible.









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This is North-east facing and dos not require a hike or bootpack.

It has a nice descent fall line all the way down between 28 and 32 degrees! But, be aware at the end of the run when you are connecting to 23 - Blue, where there are some gullies.

In summer this is a small creek running down out of the valley. Take the Höllspitzbahn up, and you will arrive just shy of the Höllspitze (2799 metres).

Then take the 32 -Red piste on the skiers left.

Follows this 32 - Red slope until you are about to cross the Höllspitze ridge.

This is where the 32 - Red makes a bend to the skiers right, down towards Höllkar valley.

Stop there and follow the Höllspihtze ridge further down for about 10 meters towards Höellboden (2141 metres).

Its possible you may have to go over a pile of snow that the snowcats made to prepare the 32 - Red.

Now you are at the top of the run, 2560 metres. When you ski down you have to clear a rock cliff on the right, the run has a natural bend around it, so just follow that.

But keep in mind that when there is a slide, your only options is to bail and ski to your left, because of the rock cliff on your right. When you are almost at the bottom of the run, be aware of the small gully just before you connect with the 23 - Blue at 2310 m.

If there is enough snow, you will hardly see it or feel it. Another popular run, but more challenging steeper, is just a little further down the Höllspihtze ridge.

See Freeride run 26 a.