A hard ski route with a nice angle for skiing.









FATMAP difficulty grade



To access the top part of this run you first have to get to the Idalp (2320 metres) by taking the Pardatschgratbahn, Pardoramabahn, Fimbabahn or Silvrettabahn from Ischgl.

Then take the Flimjochbahn to the top and you will arrive at Viderjoch (2732 metres). When you are coming from Samnaun, you have to take the Luftseilbahn or the Doppelstöckige Pendelbahn and ski down to Alp Trida (2263 metres) via the 69 - Blue or 69b - Red pistes then take the Flimsattelbahn up to the Viderjoch (2732 metres). When you arrive at the Viderjoch (2732 metres) there is a sign which the route is mentioned on, with the notification if it's open or not.

This is the start of the run.

Follow the cat track towards the ridge then stop and take a look at the run down towards 8-Blue and the Funpark.

An elevation drop of around 450 metres with a few pitches of around 30 degrees await you with some rock formations to ski past, so take your time.

Make sure you navigate correctly and have enough speed on the bottom part because the angle will drop quick as you get closer to the funpark and 8 - Blue.

Ski down on the 8 - Blue piste and arrive at the Idalp (2320metres) where you can take the Flimjochbahn back up again to do the same run.