A short, fast, flowy shuttle that ends directly on the outskirts of Oakridge.


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Larison Rock is one of the few singletrack trails that ends right in the town of Oakridge.

Thanks to a direct and largely traffic-free road to the top, Larison is a fast and easy shuttle to run, whether on the commercial shuttle with [Cog Wild](https://www.cogwild.com/shuttles/oakridge-daily-mountain-bike-shuttles/) or by setting up your own shuttle. The trail isn't technical or overly challenging, but it is fast, flowy, and feels relatively steep! The sensation of steepness is mostly a result of the speed of the trail.

When you actually stop and analyze the trail corridor, it's nowhere near as steep as other trails in the area, especially Eula Ridge. The respectably long sightlines combined with the smooth trail tread allow riders to absolutely fly down the mountain! This short 3-mile descent can blur by in minutes, but the rush of the ride is unparalleled and absolutely worth it! Do keep an eye out for the exposed sections of bench cut trail, which can sneak up on you as you round some corners.

While you'll never tumble too far down the mountain, some portions of the trail bench are relatively exposed, and flying off the trail wouldn't be pleasant! Finally, do ride heads-up for potential uphill traffic from hikers, or possibly bikers.

Larison Rock is technically a bi-directional multi-use singletrack trail.