Approach to hut to reach Torre di Lavina









FATMAP difficulty grade



(Gulliver) - From Lillaz (1530 m) follow the farm road in the Urtier valley to les Goilles (1800 m).

From here, take the path (alta via n ° 2) that leads to Bardoney.

After the pasture (2200 m), head towards the Bardoney pass.

At the junction for the Arolla hill, go down a few meters, cross the stream on a sturdy iron bridge and from here follow the easy path (13E) to the bivouac. From the bivouac you go up keeping to the right of the west ridge of the northern tip, always on stony ground and as soon as you can, turn left and go up a steep slope first on sand and gravel then on debris and you reach the west ridge. Follow it on blocks of rock, join the NNE ridge and, turning right, you reach the northern tip (3274 m).

From here, follow the ridge descending towards the col (3245 m) which separates the northern tip from the south and climb up the ridge towards the southern tip. First part of the ascent with some challenging climbing passes that can be bypassed on the left by descending slightly and then returning to the ridge a little higher. You then arrive at the summit cross at 3308 m.