Alpine ski traverse with stunning view over the fjord and a long season


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is where you start and end your ski season at Nordmøre.

Thanks to the road up to the mountain from Jordalsgrenda, you get to start at a higher altitude and there's snow long before and long after the traditional ski season. Start from the hairpin turn at Trolltindvegen where there is a big parking lot.

Head south east, steadily gaining vertical height.

After 2,5 km turn to the west and climb the bowl that opens up.

This climb will lead you up to the ridge of Trolltind.

Follow the east side of the ridge to the summit - it steepens in the end.

At the summit of Trolltind, you have two options; either descending the same way back, or push for the traverse to Åbittind. If going for the traverse, continue to the north, descending 100 metres of vertical height on the east side of the ridge.

From here on, put your skis on your backpack and follow the highest point of the ridge to the north.

The ridge contains 2-3 short abseils, each less than 15 meters, depending on the snow conditions.

The final section up to Åbittind is done most easily on the west side of the crag blocking the way.

From Åbittind continue 200 metres to the north before dropping in to the east face.

Be sure to stop before the cliffs down to Trollbotnen.

Put on your skins and head to the south in the direction of Trolltind.

From Trolltind follow the ascent route back to the start point.